Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Gladiator Themed Birthday Bash

I had the pleasure of taking photos at a fun, gladiator inspired, 40th birthday.  Everyone looked great and made a real effort.  The guests enjoyed doing some fantastic theatrical posing, which definitely made my job easier and I hope that the '300' style effect on these pictures enhances the theme!!


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A New Zealand Wedding!

This April I spent two weeks in New Zealand!  I had a fantastic time white water rafting, bungy jumping and jet boating but the highlight was being at my brother in law's wedding!  I filmed and photographed the wedding... quite a tough job!  I wasn't the official photographer but thought what a fantastic opportunity to have a go at getting some great wedding photographs!  It was really hard getting the perfect pictures whilst trying to film the whole day, so I wish I could have got some more creative shots... but I guess one job at a time!

It was a lovely day and hopefully the pictures and video give all the guests and the bride and groom some wonderful memories!

Anna xxx

Baby Photography

So... not only did I get to photograph the beautiful pregnant Anna, 10 weeks later I photographed her gorgeous baby girl!

Pregnancy Shoot

I am interested in photographing all aspects of life and living and I wanted to include this in my second module for my college photography course.  So one of my firends Anna said that I could photograph her at 34 weeks pregnant.

My plan with all my pictures is to end up with some beautiful images that are really lovly to look at.  I thought Anna was the perfect model for this shoot!

Anna xx

AMSTERDAM - Street Photography

I had a fantastic trip to Amsterdam with my husband Steve and had decided to do street photography for my college photography course.

It was quite daunting taking pictures of strangers but the final pictures were worth it!

Here are the results!

Stockport Air Raid Shelter

One of our field trips at Stockport college was to the Air Raid Shelter.  Here we had to practice shooting in very low lighting situations and make interesting images from simple surroundings.  I loved creating moody, mysterious scenes here!

Anna x