Monday, 31 May 2010

Puerto Benus

I went on a girly holiday to Puerto Benus, Marbella and here are some snap from it.

Every Seven Days - MUSIC

This week's theme was Music - I was origianally going to use my Fiance's guitar, but when he told me he had given it to a friend I had to settle for the PS3 Rock Band guitar. It kind of worked?

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Every Seven Days - COMMUNICATE

I had the opportunity of choosing this weeks theme and I chose 'Communicate'. I didn't have anything in mind when I chose this, and actually found it quite hard. I found myself rolling around on the doormat taking pictures of letters as my time was running out!

Although I am happy with this entry as I like the lighting, I do feel I could have been a bit more creative! Oh well, there is always next week! The theme will be 'Music'.

Every Seven Days - HOME

This weeks theme was 'Home'. Unfortunately I ran out of time with this one and used a picture that I had taken at my parents house near Stratford-Upon-Avon. My Dad built this, it is a house for invertebrates.

So this isn't my home, but it is a home!

Every Seven Days - SEVEN

'Seven' was the theme this week and it was a tough one! I was walking around Puerto Benus looking for the number 7 everywhere. Then all of a sudden I spotted this man holding a baby with his back to me. I had to be quite subtle but managed to take a few pictures and thought this one was the best!

Once I started editing the picture I suddenly noticed lots more number 7s!

Every Seven Days - FOOD

The second week's theme for the Every Seven Days challenge was 'Food'.

This photograph was taken in Marbella - Puerto Benus.

Every Seven Days Challenge - DRINK

A group of friends and I have started up a weekly challenge. The idea originated over dinner in January 2010, then officially started up in May. 'Every Seven Days' is where a theme will be set every week and each of us have to create a picture relating to that theme and upload it to the website Deviant Art -

The first theme was 'Drink'.

I had a couple of entries.

This challenge is great fun and keeps me being creative every week and forces me to practice photography. It is really inspiring also looking at the other peoples entries as everyone has a different idea that relates to the theme.

I will be posting my deviations here as well as on the group site.